Fringe 2021 dates are May 20th-23rd.

We’re offering a variety of performance options — livestream, recorded stream, in-person (with safety procedures).


PATRONS…Tickets go on sale May 1st! Starting then, you’ll be able to search shows and start planning your Fringe. We will keep adding shows up until May 15th.


ARTISTS…Read on!

Artists should MAKE AN ACCOUNT first. If you’ve done that, then APPLY NOW with the simple $25 application fee that helps pay our festival staff. Additional fees range from a straight 50/50 ticket split to a flat $200 depending on which category of performance you’d like to take advantage of.

The Big Sky Fringe is an Open Access festival, meaning anyone who meets the basic qualifications can join; there is no jury deciding who can and can’t be a part of it all. This is a self-produced festival, meaning its participants produce, promote, and stage their own work. Big Sky Fringe will pump the festival as a whole, but it is up to YOU fine folx to market your individual show.


It’s this simple: 

1. Make the art! Write the show! Record the thing!

2. Apply on the website and pay your application fee.

3. Finalize your registration for a venue (On Demand, Livestream, Live in person) and pay your registration fee (if applicable).


All shows will split their ticket earnings 50/50 with Big Sky Fringe. This sets everyone up to share the risks and rewards.

“But how much does it cost?” we hear you ask. Very little! Your application fee is $15 for students or $25 for everyone else. 

  • If you are presenting a work as Livestream or On Demand, there is NO production fee with your registration. 

  • However, if your show is LIVE at the Westside Studio in person (lucky ducks you!) your fee is $200 per performance. That secures the space, your lighting and sound rep plot, and 1 technician. You must provide your own stage manager if needed. 

  • If you are presenting LIVE elsewhere in Missoula there is NO production fee with your registration. 

“How can I schedule my shows?” Easy! Big Sky Fringe staff will coordinate the schedule for Livestreams and in person shows for March 20-23. We will contact you within 48 hours of your completed registration to schedule your live performances. 

All On Demand shows will be open for viewing all 4 festival dates at any time.


Tickets go on sale to the public MAY 1.

All venues will have Big Sky Fringe staff at their venue for ticket handling.


STEP ONE: Do what you do best; Create something! Theater, spoken word, dance, mime, cabaret, live music, puppets, fashion show, hot air balloon storytime, immersive walking tours, audio dramas… Don’t fear limitation – this is Fringe!


STEP TWO:  Create a profile on our website and click “Apply Here!” Then follow the steps to tell us all about you, your show, its themes and details, content warnings, how much you want to charge for tickets (between $5-$15 + $2 ticketing fee), even buy website ad space so audiences browsing the Big Sky Fringe site can see you! 


STEP THREE: Registration, “How do you show?”

You want to present On Demand. Great! This means you have a high quality recording of your show. Big Sky Fringe will showcase it on our Vimeo channel. What does “high quality” mean? We’d love to help you get that sorted more specific to your work. Audio projects will also live here. They are available On Demand all 4 days of the festival. Email [email protected] with questions.

You want to present via Livestream. Cool! That means you will beam out a show you are performing at that exact moment at your scheduled timeslot. Big Sky Fringe requires you to use your own Zoom for this. You can choose either webinar or meeting format but it must be on Zoom to create continuity for audiences. Your project can air once a day during the fest. Please email [email protected] with any questions about this format you may have.

You want to present a Live Theatrical Show at Westside Studio in Missoula. Yay! That means you pay your $200 registration fee (per performance) and Big Sky Fringe helps you to secure your show in the space with full lights and sound tech and a staff to run the show. You can perform up to once per day during the 4 day festival.

BUT WAIT! You could Bring Your Own Venue (BYOV- no fee) if you’re not feeling the West Side Studio space. In that case, send us an email [email protected] to pitch your site specific work and make sure COVID precautions are all set. You will perform 1 time during the fest. 

You want to play a Live Music Show in Missoula. Awesome! We are working with local bars and restaurants to host you at no fee. OR You can rock the West Side Studio with full staff and tech for a $200 Registration fee per performance. Please email [email protected] with questions about this format.



Apply to the festival: May 15

Pay Your Registration fee: May 15

Send your Video file: May 15

Send your Zoom link for Livestreaming: May 15



We have tried to keep our registration costs as low as possible so all can participate. Most of the money raised through registration will be spent on marketing the festival itself. Remember: We don’t guarantee you an audience, however we do everything we can to make sure people know about the Festival as a whole. Attracting festival-goers to see your show is a task you need to tackle yourself (we will help you along).

Once you have paid your registration fee, you are entitled to these benefits:


Inclusion in the Big Sky Fringe Website, and all the festival-wide promotion enacted every year including digital ads, radio spots and more.

Ticket Sales

Ticket Sales through the Big Sky Fringe box office located on the web starting May 1. Patrons can also purchase at any live Big Sky Fringe event during the festival dates.


Access to our participant support team to help you through your Fringe experience.

Marketing Assistance

You are responsible for marketing YOUR show. But Big Sky Fringe is here to help you with resources like our Digital Marketing Packet for logos to use, suggested timelines to deploy your marketing efforts, and more information. Ready on April 24!

Also look for special deals with our media partners to save you time and money marketing your show. 

Discounted Advertising

Discounted fees on Big Sky Fringe website advertising space. 

We also work with partners throughout the community to secure great benefits (and big discounts) for fringe participants.

Web Presence

A dedicated, customizable home on our Website and access to its promotional tools.