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Theatre · paris avenue productions · Ages 13+ · 65 mins · United States of America

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Award-winning writer, Director, producer Tom Cavanaugh brings his creation to life along with a cast of sixteen actors in a bi-coastal, simulcast, multimedia event. Cavanaugh combines pre-recorded videos and music with live performances from actors from their Covid 19 safe homes! Using ZOOM as the medium, a haven for performers and audience members from the deadly virus has been created.

The show centers on characters that are receiving a mysterious email, a children’s song with a series of numbers at the end. The song places the readers in a trance-like state causing strange people and events to enter their lives. The song and its encoded message go out to millions and seems to be part of the larger plan, a possible invasion. People are being kidnapped and their loved ones are left behind to solve the mystery and fight back,
but will they?

production team

bob telford 
the reporter
heidi schooler 
diane & the risselty rossety singing voice
chris narrie *
man in black 1
jim niedzialkowski *
company stage manager